Kayvon Zand

Thank goodness for this, my main influences right now are people like you ; something bigger than empty celebs or ageing music gods..haha well i'm curious to know are you shy? What makes you strong?

Kayvon Zand responded on 12/06/2010

This is the reason why I decided to put myself out there without any limitations. Even if 5 people took on to what I was doing, I wanted it to be me and me alone. I agree with you about Hollywood and the industry, so many people willing to sell their souls and fill their voices with "industry" other than their true color. As far as being shy, nothing stops me when I'm on stage or performing. I guess you can say any human emotion I may have such as shyness, fear, etc. is overtaken. If anything makes me strong it's people like you and the amazing artists and friends that support me and keep me moving on this beautiful ride. I'm like a black balloon, flying high and aimlessly.

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